Alvedon (paracetamol)

If you get a little headache after the procedure, you can take 1-2 tablets of Alvedon (paracetamol) if needed for pain relief.

Avoid products such as Ibuprofen or acetylsalicylic acid up to 48 hours after your hair transplant. They contain substances which acts as blood thinners and increases the risk of bleeding. If you have had a transplant over an area that lacks blood supply, such as a scar, we can instead give you acetylsalicylic acid to stimulate the blood supply to that area in order to facilitate the hair follicles to grow.

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Dalacin (antibiotic)

To minimize the risk of an infection associated with your surgery, you should take antibiotics the first 3 days after your hair transplant.

Day 1: 1 tablet in the clinic and 1 tablet in the evening
Day 2: 1 tablet morning and evening
Day 3: 1 tablet morning and evening

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För att minska risken för svullnad efter ingreppet får du kortison de första dagarna.

Day 1: 6 tablets at the clinic
Day 2: 4 tablets in the morning
Day 3: 2 tablets in the morning

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