Prices for our hair transplants

Here you can see the price for hair transplantation at our clinics in Stockholm and Gothenburg. You pay a fixed price and receive 1 PRP treatment included in the price.

Hair transplant in Sweden

Travel to one of our clinics in Sweden and have your hair transplant carried out by a medical hair clinic approved by Swedish medical standards. You pay a fixed price regardless of how many grafts we transplant. The maximum procedure is 4 000 grafts, but that many grafts are rarely extracted in one sitting.

  • 2 nights in a four-star hotel with a central location, situated close to the clinic.
  • 1 PRP-treatment as aftercare in order to help heal the transplant site and to stimulate hair growth.
  • We help you remove the bandage and clean the donor site.
  • Free online consultation and follow-up.
Fixed price: €3 200 The transport to Sweden is not included in the price
Hair technician documents patients head on iPad before hair transplant

Have your consultation online

The first step in having a hair transplant performed in Sweden is to fill out our form for an online consultation. We will need 4 images from 4 different angles in order to get an idea of your prospects for a hair transplant. Our hair specialists will go through your photos and will get back to you regarding if a hair transplant is a suitable treatment for you.

En man som får sitt hår undersökt under en konsultation inför en hårtransplantation.