How many days should I wait to do my usual activities?

Bandage: 24 hours
Illustration bandage taken off

After 24 hours, it is time to remove the bandage. If it’s on longer than 24 hours, there is an increased risk of infection.

Sleeping: 2 days
Illustration sleep

You can start sleeping in a normal sleeping position 2 days after your hair transplant. Now the hair follicles have rooted themselves, and you do not have to worry about causing any damage when you sleep. Read more about how to sleep the first time after the procedure.

Wash: 3 days
Illustration shower head

72 hours after your hair transplant, you should start washing the newly transplanted hair with water. After 4 days you can start washing your hair with a mild shampoo.

Hat and cap: 5 days
Illustration hats

Hat and cap you can start wearing 5 days after your hair transplant, but just wear it for shorter periods.

Styling products: 14 days
Illustration man styling hair in mirror

After 14 days, the hair follicles have grown, and you can start using styling products in your hair.

Exercise: 14 days
Illustration arm holding workout weights

The hair follicles have grown enough to start your work out again 14 days after the hair transplant.

Sauna and bath: 4 weeks
Illustration sauna

4 weeks after the procedure you can enter a sauna again without the hair follicles being damaged by the heat. You can also swim in the public pool, in the sea and in bubble pools.

Cutting hair: 4 weeks
Illustration scissors

After 4 weeks you can trim the transplanted hair but not shorter than 3 mm. If you trim the hair with a trimmer, it is important that you use plastic covers to protect the transplant area. The rest of the hair and the door area can be cut as desired.

Sun: 6 months
Illustration sun

Strong sunlight should be avoided 6 months after your hair transplant.

Shaving: 6 months
Illustration shaver

The transplanted area must absolutely not be shaved with a metal razor for the first 6 months. After that it’s ok to start shaving the hair with a shaving machine or using a razor. If you shave before 6 months have passed, you risk causing damage to the transplanted hair follicles. You may use a plastic cover and trim your hair, but no shorter than 3 mm.