Leading Scandinavian hair clinic in hair transplantation

Nordic Hair Clinic are specialized in treating hair loss. We are leading in Scandinavia in hair transplants and offer hair treatments using the patient’s own blood plasma. Our clinics are found in Stockholm, Gothenburg and in Istanbul.

We perform hair and beard transplants

Every day we solve hair related problems with effective and secure treatment methods. Headquarters are located in Stockholm and we also have clinics in Gothenburg and Istanbul. With scientifically developed methods and modern technology, we help our patients with their hair.

For our patients who live abroad, we do hair transplants and beard transplants at a fixed price, regardless of the amount of grafts extracted.

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Hair technician measures out patient's new hairline ratio to forehead for natural results

Same high standard for a better price

It begins with you sending in 4 photos of your head in different angles through our consultation form. Thereafter, we will set a date for your hair transplant for you to travel to Sweden, where we will perform the hair transplant at one of our clinics.

2 nights at a hotel close to the clinic is included in the price. The day after your operation, we will take your bandage off for you and give you a complimentary session of PRP to help promote the healing of your newly transplanted hair.

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Man and woman flying together to Sweden for hair transplant

Travel to Sweden for your hair transplant

Travel to one of our clinics in Sweden for a hair transplant of the highest quality at a clinic approved by Swedish medical standards.

  • 2 nights at a hotel in Stockholm or in Gothenburg, located close to the clinic.
  • We help you take off the bandage and clean the donation area.
  • 1 treatment with growth factors the day after the operation to help promote healing in the transplanted area.
  • You pay a fixed price no matter how many grafts you transplant (max 4 000 grafts).

€3 200

The transport to Sweden is not included in the price. People with a Swedish passport or residents of Sweden are not eligible for this price.

  1. Online consultation
    Send in your photos to us through our online consultation form.
  2. Hair transplant
    You travel to one of our clinics in Sweden for your hair transplant.
  3. After treatment
    Before you travel home, we offer a after treatment to help the area heal quicker.

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