PRP-treatment accelerates the healing process

One PRP-treatment is included in the price of your hair transplant. PRP, also known as the vampire method, uses the blood plasma in your body to heal the transplant area and accelerate hair growth. PRP helps the hair follicle to start producing hair faster once it’s been relocated from the back of the neck and you will receive a better result.

Test tubes of centrifuged blood where the yellow layer of blood plasma is clearly visible above the red blood cells

How the treatment works

The treatment starts with us extracting a blood sample from you. The blood is centrifuged and separated into different layers. The blood plasma, which contains thrombocytes with growth factors, will end up at the top of the test tube in the form of a yellow liquid. We will extract the growth factors from the liquid and inject them into your scalp or beard. The PRP-treatment is performed the day after your hair transplant. At that time, the transplant area is still numb from the procedure on the day before so the injections should not be painful.

The patients own blood plasma, containing growth factors, is injected into the scalp by a nurse to promote healing

Highly concentrated dose of growth factors

Nordic Hair Clinic is the largest PRP-treatment clinic in Scandinavia. After many years of progress with PRP as a treatment method for hair and skin, we have developed the technique so that we take the most concentrated dose of growth factors in order to provide the best result possible. Since we use the patient’s own blood, PRP is free from side effects.

An injection filled with yellow blood plasma containing active growth factors

Frequently asked questions about PRP

Are there any side effects of a PRP treatment?

The treatment is safe and natural because it is your own blood that we use. There may be some redness immediately after treatment, but it goes away a few hours afterwards. Immediately after treatment, you can return to your regular everyday activities.

Does PRP treatment hurt?

During a PRP treatment you can feel some mild stinging and feel a little uncomfortable, especially during the first treatment. But in general, PRP treatments are simple and take place without discomfort. Before PRP skin treatment you will get numbing cream before the actual treatment begins to avoid stinging as much as possible.

How many PRP treatments are included in the price?

When you have your hair transplant at one of our clinics in Sweden, 1 PRP treatment is included, which we perform the day after your hair transplant.

How much blood is extracted each PRP treatment?

Usually we draw approximately 24 ml of blood for each PRP treatment. The amount of blood we draw depends on the size of the surface that is to be treated in order to offer as efficient treatment as possible.