Get your transplant at Nordic Hair Clinic

  • We are specialists with years of experience in performing hair transplants.
  • We use FUE – the method that is a modern and safe technique for transplanting hair.
  • Before we schedule an appointment for a hair transplant, we always offer a free online consultation to ensure that the transplant will be as successful as possible.
  • Aftercare with PRP is included in the price of the hair transplant in order to speed up the healing process and stimulate hair growth.

Common areas for hair transplantation

Illustration of a person with temples
Illustration of a person with balding crown
Illustration of a person with deep temples and bald vertex
Crown and temples
Illustration of a person with large bald area from crown to front
Larger area

Transplantation with the FUE method

A hair transplant is an operation that requires time, precision and skill. Our hair technicians are among the best in the business with years of experience in transplanting hair follicles. We seek to achieve natural and attractive results with the help of our highly skilled surgeons and hair technicians and their careful precision work.

Groups of hair follicles, medically defined as grafts, are transferred from your donor area to the area lacking hair. This may be done for the head, the beard, and the eyebrows. You can also cover scars with a hair transplant.

Hair technician extracts grafts out of donor area

Aftertreatment with PRP is included in the price

After a hair transplant, we always recommend our patients to have a PRP. This is because PRP helps the transplant site to heal and stimulates faster hair growth for a better result. When you travel to Sweden for your hair transplant with us, 1 PRP treatment is included as aftercare for your newly transplanted hair.

For the PRP treatment, we centrifuge your own blood and extract thrombocytes with growth factors from your blood plasma. These are then injected into the scalp on a surface level. PRP creates new capillaries that help nourish the hair follicles and get them to take root.

Woman with African hair gets PRP treatment after hair transplant

What is PRP?

During a PRP treatment, also known as the vampire facial, we take a blood sample from you. Your blood is placed in a centrifuge and centrifuged until the blood is divided into several layers so that the blood plasma is at the top. We then extract the growth factors from the blood plasma and inject them into the scalp to stimulate the healing process of the newly transplanted hair which encourages the hair to grow.

Frequently asked questions

Does the hair that is removed from the back of the head grow back?

The hair transplanted from the back of the head does not grow back. The transplant itself means that the entire hair follicle from the back of the head is removed. When a transplant is well made, the difference between your normal hair and that which has been transplanted will not be very noticeable. You will not be completely hairless on the back of the head when you have done a hair transplant.

Can I use a hat or a cap after the transplant?

It is not recommended to wear a hat or a cap until a week after the operation as there is a risk of scraping down the hair follicles. After a week its fine to have a hat or cap if it is not too tight. Keep in mind that the hat or cap should not press on the transplanted area for at least two weeks to come.

Are there any side effects of a PRP treatment?

The treatment is safe and natural because it is your own blood that we use. There may be some redness immediately after treatment, but it goes away a few hours afterwards. Immediately after treatment, you can return to your regular everyday activities.

Does PRP treatment hurt?

During a PRP treatment you can feel some mild stinging and feel a little uncomfortable, especially during the first treatment. But in general, PRP treatments are simple and take place without discomfort. Before PRP skin treatment you will get numbing cream before the actual treatment begins to avoid stinging as much as possible.

What’s included in the price for a hair transplant in Sweden?

You stay 2 nights in a four-star hotel that is within walking distance to the clinic. The day after your hair transplant we take off your bandage and you will receive a PRP treatment. Regardless of the number of grafts you transplant, you pay a fixed price.